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Perks Of Relationship


  • 10 Red Roses In Red Paper Packing
  • Big Ferrero Rochers
  • Medium Ferrero Rochers
  • Small Ferrero Rochers
  • *Date
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100% Safe and Hygiene

This exquisite gift has the ability to not only create a particular spot in your lover's heart, but also transform even a routine occasion into one that will be remembered. This is the ideal gift to amuse your lover—it is rich and sweet. What is it that you are currently wondering? Order this present right away before it sells out!
Items in this combination:
Beginning Insight (Quantity: 1) (Price: ₹ 549)
2. A large ferro rocher (Quantity: 1) (Price: ₹ 1,701)
3. An average Ferrero Rocher (Quantity: 1) (Price: ₹ 900)
(4) Miniature Ferrero Rocher (Quantity: 1) (Price: ₹ 349)



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